The perfect partner for Bentley Eyewear, Estede has created bespoke, handcrafted, luxury pieces since 1991. Founded by design mastermind Albrecht F. Rosenaur, Estede consistently champions the use of craft skills and precious metals to create some of the world’s most extraordinary eyewear.

It was no surprise then, that in 2010 Estede was selected to be Bentley’s exclusive, global partner for eyewear. The companies share a passion for quality and the pursuit of perfection, seamlessly combining exquisite craftsmanship with the latest technology.

This combination of performance and sleek, modern design is unmistakably Bentley, as are the subtle elements of individuality unique to every piece.

Expertly crafted just like a Bentley, each frame is handcrafted from exceptional materials including solid gold, platinum, titanium, buffalo horn and wood, along with the finest custom-made lenses. This eye-catching sculptural styling delivers contemporary, practical sunglasses and ophthalmic frames.